• Stainless Steel Pot Set 21 Piece are designed to cook food to perfection. From their elegant stainless steel finish, exceptional and space saving designs, easy to clean, durable and low maintenance, they fit seamlessly into your kitchen. Also providing an even heat distribution, while sealing in the flavour of your food.

    - Stainless steel
    - Suitable for electric, gas, ceramic, and halogen stoves
    - 3 light weight stainless steel cooking utensils
    - Dishwasher safe

    - Saucepan 16 x 8.5cm
    - Smaller pot 16 x 8.5cm
    - Small pot 18 x 10cm
    - Medium pot 20 x 11cm
    - Large pot 24 x 14.5cm
    - Fry pan 24 x 8cm
    - Salad bowl 20 x 7cm
    - Steamer bowl 20 x 10cm
    - 1pc Fry basket with handle
    - 2 Resistant mats
    - 3pc Stainless steel cooking utensils
    - 1 Suction knob
    - Material: Stainless steel
    - Body Thickness: 0.6mm
    - Bottom: Aluminum
    - Weight: 10.47kg

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