• Mafy 21pcs Pot set is made of high quality Stainless Steel each containing a Thermal bottom:

    Seven-layered bottom with heat induction warms quickly and material retains heat well
    Practical pouring rim prevents dripping
    Handles will not heat up
    Dish washer safe
    Built-in thermostat on lids
    Diamond quality Swiss technology
    Suitable for all cooking sources: Electric and gas stove or glass and ceramic or halogen burners Healthy preparation of food; cooking with little water and frying with little fat, minimizes the loss of nutritious value and flavor.

    1.8 litre Casserole 16x9cm with lid
    3.1 litre Casserole 20 x 10cm with lid
    6.3 litre Casserole 24x14cm with lid
    8.5tre Casserole 26x14cm with lid
    frying Pan 2.9litre 24X6.5cm with lid
    Sauce Pan 1.8litre 16x9cm with lid
    Mixing bowl/preservative box 20cm with lid
    Steamer 20 x 10cm
    Frying basket with removable handle
    slotted turner
    spaghetti server
    Two Pot Placing Trays

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